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Seltek distributes and represents the following quality product lines. You may experience our manufacturers directly by linking to their site through this site. After gathering your products of interest, simple click on the information tab right here at Seltek web site to obtain further information, pricing and availablity. As your authorized distributor, we guarentee you all the advantages of Seltek prompt, professional, knowledgeable and local service, attention and support.

| Go To Aero |
Rubber, Printed & Pallet bands-custom sizes
Tape and label dispensers

| Go To Mi Tech |
High density alloys mfg.

| Go To Static Components |
Static shield, Workstations & Grounding Products

Automatic screwdriving systems

| GoTo Wenesco|

Special soldering machines for the electronic industry

| Go To PPI |
Self adhesive conductive tapes

| Go To TAH Industries |
Static mixers for two part epoxies

| Go To Aven Tools |
Custom parts and tooling - Product assembly Electronics and Communications

| Go To Heany |
Specially designed ceramics - Wire guide, Insulators, etc.

| Go To Qualitek |
Full line soldering products-Flux/paste chemistries, Bar wire and Powder Mfg.

| Go To Transition Automation|
Permalex edge, Metal squeegees, Printek printers and Board - lok tooling

| Go To Bio Fit |
Antistatic furniture

| JNJ Industries Inc. |
Electronics and industrial cleaning products Screen print accessories

| Go To ETS |
Special electrical, insulated and packing tapes

| Tyco Electronics/Raychem |
Automotive products division

| Go To Ersa |
ERSA GLOBAL CONNECTIONS Soldering solutions for the electronic industry

| Go To Martor |
Safer cutting art - Specialty blades

| Go To Slide |
Mold releases, rust preventive cleaners and Purging components

| Go To Veias |
Visual inspection assistant